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Press Autonomous a2z Signs an Autonomous Vehicle Joint Development MOU with KG Mobility

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작성자 Autonomous a2z 조회 164 작성일 2023-10-24


KG Mobility (KRW 7,700 ▲ 100 1.32%) (SsangYong Motors) and Autonomous a2z, an autonomous driving solution developing company, plan to jointly develop autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous a2z announced on the 24th that it had signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with KG Mobility to jointly develop autonomous driving systems and vehicles at the Daegu International Future Auto & Mobility Expo (DIFA) in Daegu EXCO on the 19th.

Jihyeong Han (fifth from the left), CEO of Autonomous a2z, and Gwon Yong-il (fourth from the left), president of the KG Mobility Research Institute, take a commemorative photo after signing an MOU in Daegu EXCO on the 19th. / Photographed by Autonomous a2z

The MOU signing ceremony was attended by officials of both companies, including Jihyeong Han, CEO of Autonomous a2z, and Gwon Yong-il, president of the KG Mobility Research Institute.

The two companies will collaborate on the development of KG Mobility’s Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 autonomous driving mass-production vehicles and on the manufacture of Autonomous a2z’s Level 4 autonomous vehicles.

KG Mobility aims to enhance its autonomous driving system by leveraging the expertise of Autonomous a2z in domestic autonomous driving demonstrations and autonomous driving system development capabilities. KG Mobility plans to achieve Level 4 plus (+) autonomous driving technology by 2030.

In cooperation with KG Mobility, Autonomous a2z will acquire the necessary infrastructure and know-how to produce about 1000 vehicles per year. Autonomous a2z plans to unveil a prototype of an electric vehicle equipped with Level 4 autonomous driving software next year and begin full-scale sales from 2025.
Through this collaboration, we expect to support KG Mobility in advancing its autonomous driving system and increase our automotive production capabilities,” said CEO Han. “We will make this a collaboration that will have a significant impact on the global autonomous driving market,” he added.

Autonomous a2z unveiled its Project MS and Project SD, the first mass-produced fully driverless mobility developed by a Korean company, at the DIFA this year. Project MS is a 12-seater driverless shuttle, and Project SD is an driverless delivery vehicle that can carry a load of more than 300. The two vehicles are fully unmanned, with no driver on board, and operate at a maximum speed of 60/h on public roads. They are equipped with multiplexed sensors as a precaution against sensor failure or malfunction, and autonomous driving controllers developed by the company.

Autonomous a2z plans to manufacture initial mass production volumes through outsourced production until 2030. After that, the company will promote self-production or partnership production with automakers in consideration of the future expansion of the market.

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