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a2z Smart Mobility Solution a2z Smart Mobility Solution makes every mobility that can face to while living in a daily life to realize as an autonomous driving, and enable to create safer, more convenience and more efficient city

People can move everywhere without any alienated area by autonomous on-demand transportation and shuttles.

Also, they can be provided unmanned delivery or unmanned parcel service.
While we are asleep, the city will patrol and maintain itself. For all this, a2z is stepping forward.

a2z LiDAR Infra System The LIDAR infrastructure system consists of one LIDAR for measuring vehicle object detection data, object location and speed detection, traffic condition awareness controller for precision map convergence, and a network for system output transmission. And it provides next-generation transportation services for autonomous cars, general cars, and pedestrians by installing one LIDAR sensor at intersections and traffic congestion areas. It recognizes dynamic and static objects in 360-degree directions and in all directions of the intersection in real time up to a range of up to 200m, and by combining the recognized data (object recognition information, traffic light prediction information, law violation vehicle information, pedestrian recognition information, traffic conditions, intersection safety information, weather information, emergency situation, etc.) with a precision map.
After PoC of lidar infrastructure solution was completed at 4 domestic locations in 2021, it released as a product called "a2z lidar infrastructure system" on July 1, 2022. In the performance evaluation of the emergency detection system, we obtained the highest level of certification according to the ITS performance evaluation criteria in the automobile and road transportation sector of the Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Autonomous Durability Test
Autonomous a2z Test Automation System

a2z Test Automation Solution Test driver is conducting numerous tests under extreme conditions for developing a new vehicle.

a2z Test Automation Solution can increase accuracy of test value, reduce development period and prevent industrial accident.

It supports starting from autonomous driving technology grafted next-generation braking test automation to steering test and environmental durability test